Eclipse DemoCamp Happened

December 21, 2007

The Eclipse DemoCamp was a success.  Photos on Flickr. Check out


OSHU Tramway Tour

October 9, 2007

Meet at 6PM 10/17/2007
Corner of SW Bond and SW Curry

The OHSU Portland Aerial Tramway carries commuters between the city’s South Waterfront district and OHSU and the Marquam Hill neighborhood. It is the second commuter aerial tramway in the United States (after New York City’s Roosevelt Island Tramway). The tram travels a horizontal distance of 3,300 feet and rises 500 feet in a ride that lasts three and one-half minutes. Its upper terminal is 140 feet above grade, and connected to the ninth floor of a new patient care facility on the university’s campus. Its lower terminal in the rapidly growing South Waterfront connects to the Portland Streetcar for direct service downtown. A
single intermediate tower supports the tram’s cables between the two terminals, allowing the tram to rise nearly 200 feet over Interstate 5. Almost all of the journey is near its upper elevation, making the tram easily visible for some distance, and providing good views of the eastern metropolitan area and the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington. The number of commuters to date is almost 1 million after opening to the general public in January 2007.

The tram uses track ropes, a single haul rope, a counterweight, a drive system and other equipment to support and move the tram cabins from the riverfront to OHSU and back. The drive system consists of 3 different types of drives; the main drive which is a variable frequency drive powering a 450kW motor, a standby drive which is a diesel hydrostatic and an evacuation drive which is similar to the standby drive. The control systems are PLC driven and include rope and drive monitors, safety systems, environmental monitors, communications between the tram cabins and the control room and other systems to safely move the commuters.

Mike Commissaris is the Portland Area Tram General Manager and has extensive experience in electronics, communications and tramway operations. He spent 10 years designing high frequency radio and telephone equipment with Stoner Communications. Mike designed failsafe railroad automation systems for Harmon Electronics for 10 years and spent 15 years as the Assistant General Manager of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

Code Sprint

October 2, 2007

There’s a Code Sprint this week that conflicts with WikiWednesday (10/3) Ever been to a Code Sprint? Check out the wiki

PLUG this Thursday

October 1, 2007

PLUG meeting this Thursday at PSU … I lost the announcement but it has something to do with running virutal machines.

LINQ to SQL … talk

October 1, 2007

Think about going to the PADNUG meeting tomorrow 10/2/07.

At the Microsoft Office … in the Lincoln Tower
10260 SW Greenburg Road
Suite 600
Portland, OR 97223

LINQ to SQL is one of Microsoft’s new OR mapping tools that aims to bring a more object oriented mechanism to accessing data. This talk introduces LINQ to SQL and some of its features and shows how it works and what you can do with it . The focus of this discussion is on using LINQ to SQL in the middle tier for proper data abstraction which requires some additional considerations to be made beyond the ‘quick demo’ usually shown for LINQ to SQL. I’ll share my impressions and thoughts as well as the beginnings of a small light weight business framework built around LINQ to SQL that simplifies data access, provides a few additional required DAL operations and facilitates the process of creating an abstracted data layer.

Wiki Wednesday Meeting

September 24, 2007

Time/Date: 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2007
Location: The new offices in SouthEast Portland. 107 SE Washington St., Suite 520, Portland, OR 97214.

The meeting is being held as an “Open Space” type meeting, please feel free to bring ideas and projects to help us create the itinerary during the event. Space will be made for an “introduction to wiki” discussion as well as some group barnraising projects. Naturally, socializing (including beer, chips, soda) is also on the agenda.

Call at 503.488.5763 for more info. (A Google Groups was set up to accommodate a mailing list for updates and to serve as place to send reminder emails each month. Anyone interested in the WikiWednesdays group should feel free to join.

See also: notes from the Portland WikiWednesday 05-Sep-2007 in Portland.

The OHSU Portland Aerial Tramway

September 14, 2007

Don’t miss our September meeting and discussion on “The OHSU Portland Aerial Tramway – how it works including; tram cabin support and movement, drives, communications, brakes, auxiliary power, safety systems and controls”. Please send your response and whether or not you can make it to the dinner, presentation, or both. We look forward to seeing you. We’ll be touring the facility next month on Wednesday, October 17th so don’t miss your opportunity to learn about the tramway before we go on the tour. Please note that we are meeting at the Old Spaghetti Factory (near the bottom of the tramway off Macadam) for this September meeting.

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