Prototype Web Site

January 15, 2008

Check out our new prototype website.

I know it’s my name … I’ve made my own site into an IEEE Oregon prototype. It’ll keep this name for a month or so. Every day or so I update it sleghtly with a new or tweaked feature. Hopefully some other ExecComm members may also make some modifications.


Robotics SIG — one might start up in Portland

January 8, 2008

There’s some talk about a local Microsoft Robotics SIG starting up.

Here’s a quote from Lee WIlliamson of PADNUG

<start quote>

If you’re not familiar with Microsoft Robotics Studio and are interested in robotics you should check it out.
You don’t even need a robot to use it. It comes with a virtual environment
where you can program a virtual robot. There’s even a virtual Mindstorms robot.

Personally, I was envisioning something that would be less presentation
oriented and more “hands on”. Bring a laptop and make a robot do stuff,
or if more than one robot was available maybe have competitions after an
introductory meeting or two.

<end quote>

For more information check out the padnug mailing list on