More sites to look at and event registration

Good info from Gary. Yes, I agree that our current site wins with elegance/functionality.

Gary added some more sites to the list we should look at (with specifics about event registration). They’re in the mail he sent out.

I’ll only add that I seached for information about the eventbrite that Santa Clara uses and found out (don’t know how current it is but certainly the ballpark) that the fee for Eventbrite is 2.5% of the ticket price, with a minimum fee of $0.99 and a maximum fee of $9.95 

Phoenix uses Hard to find out what it costs … may vary on what you do. I read 7.6% of ticket price in one report.

Dallas CAS ( uses a free IEEE registration system.

But what do we do with free events?


4 Responses to More sites to look at and event registration

  1. kevin says:

    Hi – I’m with Eventbrite – you can post free events through our service at no charge. We offer this with no fees. only paid events are accessed a fee (the above pricing you quote is correct).



  2. Gary Hinkle says:

    For free events, we could set up a simple form to capture the relevant information and route it to a database and/or email address.


  3. Benson Ho says:

    I found the IEEE Oregon blog on a Google search today, and since I work at Acteva I want you to know that we handle registration for all types of events – large and small, free and paid.

    We’ve been around since 1998, have some amazingly useful features and great prices. We’d be happy to help IEEE Oregon with your events. Call us in San Francisco at (415) 962-9000, and visit our Get Started page at

    Cheers! (and thanks for letting me mention our company)

    Benson Ho

  4. Jenn Presley says:

    I’ve probably used all of the major tools, and I have found that Cvent is by the best.
    It is the most powerful and the easiest to use. More importantly , the end website designs and emails look much more professional and more attractive that the others.
    Also, I have found that the Cvent support is fantastic.
    I strongly recommend them.


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