Web Statistics for Last Month

Now, I’m trying to understand what these statistics mean, so please feel free to jump in and correct what I’m saying.

Note that the range I chose was from our last Executive Committee meeting.

We have 656 sessions. What does that mean? A session is defined as hits by a single user. We got 53 174 hits. So I think this means that we got 656 visitors with a total of 53 174 hits, meaning that each visitor averaged about 80 hits. This is a lot for one user. I’m administering the web site and I’m not sure I hit it more 80 times/month. So are we interpreting these statistics correctly.

And here are statistics for our blog. These statistics do not include my (tkubaska) accesses. Clearly, we don’t have a lot of activity here.


One Response to Web Statistics for Last Month

  1. Anne O'Neill, IEEE-SSCS says:

    Hits might mean how many items, that is unique, files were called and sent to a users screen. so if you have 10 graphic files on a page, then loading the page would generate 11 hits, one for each graphic and one for the .html page.

    And if the user goes to another page and there are another 10 graphics there, then 11 more hits. Ooops the user decides to return back to the home page, 11 more hits.

    So 660 page views might mean 4 pages viewed per session.

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